Relationship Feud

One sentence. ‘We complicate simple things.’ The above statement sum up most of my past relationships. Complication of not so complicated issues in life. First, love itself is complicated. You put two people into a frame. Two different lifestyle, background, religion practices and characteristics come together to form some sort of unity in spirit? Of… Continue reading Relationship Feud

Because i am a Christian

“The world is looking at us..” They used to call us ‘Holy’ but now we are just some ‘hypocritical society’ who goes to church on a Sunday morning.They have certain expectations on us. Most of the time we failed to live a basic standard Christian life and we confused them with our conducts. We hear… Continue reading Because i am a Christian

Because i am Chinese

According to my species, I must know Chinese, speak Chinese and write Chinese. If i can speak Chinese can’t read Chinese and don’t know Chinese, it makes me ‘half acceptable’. If i don’t really know Chinese, speak a bit of Chinese and can’t write Chinese. i am ‘unacceptable’. What if i can’t read Chinese, don’t… Continue reading Because i am Chinese