I don’t remember how it all started. Hashtag craze? It is phenomenal. Overnight booming sensation and every status you see, picture caption, or just some insignificant sentences come with a symbol ‘#‘. We are busy hashtagging and the virtual world has indeed offer a better excitement to our boredom or..it’s just a collective idea.


Twitter generated the first ‘#’. It was created originally to categorize a message and hashtag can occur anywhere in a tweet. It narrows down search option and linkable to any social networking accounts, making things a whole lot easier and customize to users’ need. It’s a compelling revolution and we are connected to a specific medium from all corner of the world.

You want your tweets to be accessible, you want them to be read by people, you want to feel like we’re all watching this together — that’s the whole point!


Yes, I just want you to follow me! I’ve tried putting 30 hashtags on Instagram (That’s the maximum hashtag you can add on Instagram. Anything beyond that will be dismissed.) Maybe, they will start following me once they search for related hashtag topics. But…these are so general and there are too many users. My photos will probably be pushed to the bottom of the page, and it doesn’t have value anymore for the fact that nobody will next for so much of next page unless i cheat Hashtag , delete it and put a new one again. That’s what #followme does for a living.


Either it’s a hastag tribute of #rip to Paul Walker and Robbin Williams, or related social issues such as #shoutyourabortion which currently has become a social movement that go beyond legal strategy and battle of laws, #hashtag has continue to flood comments that brings to both applause and repulse from the society.

So, why #hashtag?


Because i just want you to #like my post!

Thank you 🙂


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