The heartbeat of lines….

I remained unwritten in the history of fame. I was just a shadow. Never to be seen.  But here in these words, you will find the paragraphs and prose came alive. Ascending like the break of dawn, into the dark woods there is a path i walk. I gather the clues but never once i completely understand it all. There are just too many lies. Experiences which cost wounds. I look at the pebbles. One leads to another. Takes turn to create a line. Directing my way to the light.

They say every book has a rule. Every chapters played by a plot. Characters are the main concern.The rights things to do. Right move to make. Right words to talk about. Did i make it right from the start? It’s the end i fear. Where i stand now. Where i am heading towards. Where these will stop. Where it never breaks. Where my heart belongs?

We have long seasons. Shortcomings. Days where i fall to coldness. Nights of staring at the blank ceiling. We’ve all been there. Some seek thrills, excitement, or just a momentary bliss of happiness. A false impression of reality, we soaked into a world we created. I ride at the height of emotions. To remind myself, some things are not meant to be kept.

That’s the very heartbeat in which i lose..


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