I gotta wake up.

7.30am..Ready to beat the traffic?

I was never ready. I just have to. It was the usual drive. Met the same car on my right at that funny junction of an old crooked tree. He was doing the same thing every morning, eyes on his phone and occasionaly honked if the car ahead slow down. The usual stuff i expected.  The radio was always on. I had to keep up with the current updates and news, of course the traffic report. Another kid was kidnapped, the opposition party was still fighting for their rights, water rationing they have been discussing for ages but never happened. It all seem so familiar. Yet I am still stuck at the same spot.


Paper works. Deadlines. Replying emails and deleting spam. Boss went for a short trip. Second boss called for a meeting. She was never early. We all play with our smart phones, tabs and me? I just starred at my files. Plans need to be discussed and nobody get the work done, thus far. My second cuppa coffee, she walked in.


Lunch came in late today. The usual group. The usual restaurants. Monday is Chinese. Tuesday is Indian. Wednesday is Japanese. Thursday is in the office. Friday is Western. We seldom swap days unless it’s a holiday. I order the same food. I repeated the same conversation. Same topic of our bosses, other colleagues who were not present in our midst, who and who get together, and of course the shout out of intriguing achievements. Gina got her new apartment. Alfan got his new Mini. Ching is getting married in 3 months time. I have nothing to say except nodding my head and give the expected remarks like ‘Wow’, ‘Great’ and ‘Congrats’.


I called it a day. Wrap up and beat the traffic again. The usual crawl. The usual jam. I tried calling mom but she was too busy cooking. Angie just got a boyfriend and since then her phone was always engaged. I can understand that. Yes i totally can. Even Steven’s phone was engaged. I guess i just had to listen to the radio again. Weather forecast, updates on the kidnapping case, pop songs and of course the traffic report.


It’s always dark when i get home. It’s always dark when i leave home too. So i have gotten used to darkness, at least for now. Kitty need to be fed. I need to be fed too. But first thing first, my Korean drama. I made myself an instant noodle and sat right on the same couch where i left my cardigan this morning. Episode 14, the actress couldn’t love the man of her life because he only knew her as a ‘man’. Tears. Why would Korean drama plot always complicate itself and yet i am still watching it?


I cuddled the booster besides me. I’ve always wonder how it must have felt to hug someone or just having a partner to share a bed with. Perhaps a family to talk to and children to play with? But i just gazed at the darkness. It will always be a lullaby until i wake up the next morning.


The whole scene repeat itself..


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