I Collect ‘Likes’

10 minutes later..

2 ‘Likes’ in Facebook. Okay, just some kind-hearted friends whom always supported my post. That doesn’t count. My photo has not reach a point of acceptance, yet. It has to be more than that. Numbers, i need numbers.

1 hour and 20 minutes later..

17 ‘Likes’ in my notification. The count-down has just begun. Seems like it’s reaching to a standard acceptance criteria of a socially active person. ‘Like’ is becoming exciting at this stage. Well, i am sure the numbers can be pushed a little higher. I shall not be contended with this, yet.

3 hours and 30 minutes later..

No.23 ‘Like’ in Facebook. Okay, it’s getting slower than i thought. Maybe they are busy, it’s lunch time anyway. Fingers crossed. It’s just a button away. No harm clicking ‘Like’. After all, it’s a good picture. I am sure they will ‘Like’ this. It gotta be.

5 hours later..

Who is Jack?
It doesn’t matter if i know Jack. He had made it to no.35. Numbers are not always for friends, it meant to serve a larger group of acquaintances and most of the time, strangers. But who cares? ‘Like’ looks good on social media. I love to be ‘Liked’. Keep it going people.

8 hours and 40 minutes later..

52 ‘Likes’! Finally! Phew, i shall call it a day. I felt extremely happy and satisfied with my post and truly honoured to be appreciated, praised and ‘Liked’. Thank you for loving my picture and i will promised to be even better!

5 minutes later..

220 ‘Likes’ 30 ‘Comments’, news feed. What? It was only 30 minutes ago and she has already soared to be the Queen of ‘Most Lovable’ person? I could feel the pang in my heart and all my 52 ‘Likes’ has gone down the drain. I don’t worth as much as she does. I am still far away from being popular. Maybe i should change the way i post my picture, or a status? Maybe my life isn’t as great as her? Negativity clouded my mind. I thought i was acceptable?


5  ‘Likes’. My real friends cared for me. The number of text messages and calls, we do spend quite a good deal of time hanging out together. That itself scores 100 ‘Likes’ for me.  I know i don’t have to base my self-worth and popularity in the number of ‘Likes’. Social media has made me believe that my life depended on it. All the attention goes to feeding my viewers. To gain ‘Likes’, or just trying to fit in this ‘Likeable’ society, i’ve gotta do all that i can to impress, emerge, evolve and initiate just anything or anyone. Most of us if not all of us do crave for ‘Like’ to a certain extand. If you’re being honest with yourself, we do mind if we get less ‘Likes’ and most of us crave for fame and attention.

Being popular is the next hit. Social media has the best place to get followers, fans, seekers and admirers. We do enjoy a dose of ‘Like’ fillers in our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, You Tubes, Google +, and etc.  You don’t have to live a Hollywood lifestyle, you just have to make it, post it and decorate it. People wouldn’t know your tears or your fears. They just wanna keep up with the bubbly, cheerful, colorful lifestyle. Depict it. We all do that.

Collecting ‘Likes’ can be addictive. Subtle appetite that constantly need to be fed. It doesn’t satisfy. It is a number game. Less ‘Like’ doesn’t mean bad, unacceptable, lousy, or just plain ugly. More ‘Like’ doesn’t mean you’re better than the others or has reached a supremacy level. Pride is the beginning of fall and humility will gets you steadily improving. ‘Likes’ are not conclusive.


0 ‘Like’ . Why do you count?


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