The Other Side of Life

I was standing there with my camera. Checking my aperture. Adjusting my ISO. Finding the structure, texture or just plain foreground. Looking through my lens, I waited. Waiting for the right subject to fit in the frame. Waiting for that moment to tell a story in a frame. Sometimes i rush to snap a view,rush to change the dial-up button, shift my position and at times i just stood there, deleting pictures.


Deadlines, paperwork, payments, assignments, next project, appointments, meetings, next bargain,children’s schedule, family schedule, reunions, what-to-buy, what-must-buy, next ‘in’ thing, parties, and so on. We rush to get it done.  We rush to keep up ahead with others. We must be ahead. Survival of the fittest has taught us to not be defeated. Never be left behind. Rush to get the front seat. Rush to be the only number one. It’s the very core of existence that keeps us going. We don’t know what we are fighting for but we know we must rush and fight. Time is running out. We need to advance to another ‘gush’.

Gushing forth..

In a gush of air, i missed the shot. Yikes! I shouldn’t have missed that expression. If only i aimed at that right angle, and why oh why my finger is slow to respond to my shutter? Fault. Mistakes. Careless. Or just me being human? We long to make everything right. We wanna make our lives right or seemingly okay so we can feel good about ourselves and be happy. Happiness is important.

As a child, ice-cream used to make us happy. However, as we aged, we realize happiness has become more complicated and much acquired material gains needed to fulfill the basic excitement in life. So we strive. Medias suggested many solutions such as a fancy vacation, posh restaurants, a Porsche to show-off, expensive lands or house,branded clothes, Hermes handbags, hot sexy partners, plastic surgeries and smart children. On the other side, some of us just struggle to pay rents, debts, bills, school fees, daily expanses and they are still happy to have a simple meal, no overseas vacations, and enjoy a less than fancy car with overweight spouses. And we call that unhappiness?


Life itself is a vacuum. We are constantly fed by one thing to another. Only to realize none of the created things on earth actually filled in the gap. People say they turn to Feng Shui, religion, chanting, meditation, yoga and other related spiritual enlightenment for some sort of solution, predictions and a better lifestyle. Bridging the gap of the unknown and us can create a space of everlasting satisfaction. How true can we relate to that?

What’s on the other side of life?

Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? So you don’t wanna think about this question? Or life is too exciting to figure out what’s beyond ? By hook or crook, one day we die. What’s left of us are just ashes or back to where we belong. Some believe every road leads to Heaven as long we do good, charities and being kind on earth will earn us a free ride to Heavenly blessing. Some strangely don’t mind to rot in Hell, mainly coz they have done so much mistakes and sins which they thought it’s beyond redemption or it’s just being cool to live with Satan and his angels. Most of us believe in ‘Reincarnation’. Something my Asian culture has taught me well and the level of goodness or evilness you’ve done in this life will determine the ranking of animals which you will turn into.  The best is to be a Deity and Goddess or if not back to human form. That’s the whole evolution of mankind passing by one generation to another. Watch out for stepping on cockroaches, they might be your great grandparents!


Not something extravagant to talk about in today’s society of gadgets and technologies freak. It seems uncool to involve God in our activities. Only those Christians or Muslims or Buddhist or monks know their place in God. Not for me. I have nothing to do with God. Being atheist is perfectly fine and the society of religion is just a place of manipulation and brain washing culture. Leave me alone with my needs and desires. God and me has no connection.


Prayers. We connect with God through prayers. Muslims pray five times a day. Buddhist meditates and offer food as a token for their gods. Christians whom divided themselves into 2 categories, mainly Catholics and Protestant have different views on praying. Catholics pray through Mother Mary and Protestant, which i pray directly to Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. We pray at any times we want , at any circumstances and we don’t need a proper setting to bring a message across to God.


Yeah why do i have to know these? I think without God i am not able to write this blog. I’ve been through accidents, near death experience and through Jesus, i am able to make it through and live a decent life of less ordinary. I can’t explain in words how it felt when you’ve a reach a point of dead end, and facing death is more realistic than a friction of pain and you only know one thing. When all else fails, your world crumbles and tumbles, you suddenly realize you need hope.Hope not found in men or things. An everlasting hope found in a person call Jesus whom died for you ages ago to redeem your sins so you can have an after-life in Heaven. Not by your works, your deeds don’t reward you, it’s by His grace you are called and saved.


We choose how we live. We choose what we believe. We choose the measure of decisions we must take. If there is another side of life, how would you wanna paint it?





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