Everything counts.

Image, appearances, our facial expressions, gestures and you never get a second chance by making a good first impression. When people first meet us, they will judge us approximately the first 4 seconds and the judgment is usually finalized by the next 30 seconds of the initial contact. That’s how they decide if you are being ‘liked’ or ‘not’ regardless of what’s really in us.


Everything contributes to how we look on the outside is important. If it’s not helping us. It is hurting us. Our clothes are responsible for the 95 percent of first impression that we make on someone. Our grooming, hairstyle, make-up also exert an inordinate way we are perceived by others. Accessories, such as purse, watches, pens, briefcase, handbags, ties, shoes, all make a statement that will or will not help us in a position to influence others.

Making a statement.

We can’t control our physical attributes but all that we are from top to toe can display a positive or negative impression to others. They pick up the aura the moment you enter the room and a brief observation from your gestures will be judged. Well, they might get it wrong after knowing and talking to you, but it usually take time to undo the first impression they have on you based on experiences that are bound to their gut response.


Over the years, we constantly judge books by its covers, we can’t help but do it. As soon as you see a person, an impression is formed. Within a small fraction of a second, what we see can sometimes dominate what we know. So then we try to manipulate their thoughts by faking an impression.  We have done it so well that most of us can’t distinguish between a sincere gesture or motive driven. We have no choice but to fake a simple smile or a friendly handshake for a smooth conversation or business related matter. Bottom line, as long as we don’t look offensive, it will proceed us to level 2.

Trustworthy factor.

Relevant information of a person and acquired communication skills can change an initial impression. This definitely takes longer time than seconds of defining a person. However, manipulation still co-exist at this stage because human intelligence can achieve a common goal of benefits and protection over getting hurt by others. In a nutshell, trustworthy can sometimes be bought over by a skillful communicator and words manipulator. It depends on experiences,occupational background, culture and brought ups. Impression can be created if not re-design to fit in today’s booming requirements.

My thoughts.

I don’t always perform a good impression. Sometimes i ruined the first 30 seconds of being physically unprepared and i do need to be more skillful in communicating. People judge me by my tone and i usually never live up to the standard of trying to manipulate my way to victory. I failed terribly in being fake. I would say, we should let our inner characters shine out an everlasting impression despite errors and failures we project in real life. After all, impression is just the tip of an iceberg.




2 thoughts on “Impression

  1. I feel old sometimes, some kinda decrepit old fellow. Everyone ages, beauty fades. I guess I am more concerned of the first impression of visitors to my apartment, the view as soon as they enter the room. I want the decor to be vibrant and pleasant and clean. thank you. tho i know this is a different take on the subject!

    1. Thx Ted for ur comment:) I appreciate your thoughts on ‘Impression’ and yea you’re right, first impression counts even in viewing your apartment. Have a good day n make a good impression !

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