Because i am Chinese

According to my species, I must know Chinese, speak Chinese and write Chinese. If i can speak Chinese can’t read Chinese and don’t know Chinese, it makes me ‘half acceptable’. If i don’t really know Chinese, speak a bit of Chinese and can’t write Chinese. i am ‘unacceptable’. What if i can’t read Chinese, don’t speak Chinese, don’t know Chinese but i am a Chinese? Totally unacceptable…

Because i am Chinese…

I must be good in Mathematics, calculus, algebra, geometry, topology, mental arithmetic and chinese abacus (being a Chinese, i don’t know abacus!). During my school days, mom said 80% in Mathematics was not good enough, i should score at least 96%. Anything below 70% will disqualified me from being a Chinese. We live to count and breathe to memorize numbers. Honestly speaking, i am not very good in Maths. I was forced to be good, or at least ‘acceptable’.

Because i am Chinese..

No, my dad is not a restaurant owner and neither is he a business owner. Most people has the misconception of Chinese’s main occupation of running family business that passed on from one generation to another. Yes, i’ve to admit many Chinese are keen on business but the pool of them who’s involved don’t represent the rest of us. We are just like you. Each of us has different ambitions and visions. Sometimes sadly, our parents determine our career path and our obedience has taught us to respect their decisions even if it’s not to our liking. As a Chinese, ‘honor your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land your God is giving you..'(Exodus 20:12) is more than just a commandment, it’s being instilled to us as a child.

Because i am Chinese..

‘Face’ is everything. Not the physical ‘face’ but the concept of ‘face’ between Chinese families. We work hard, strive hard, compete even harder and make more money to gain ‘face’. We show-off our houses, cars, kids, achievements, positions, membership cards, travelling places, pets and the kinda gifts you buy for a birthdays, wedding sor anniversaries occasion. We are constantly judge by what we did, what we do,what we don’t do and what we we are going to do. So it doesn’t matter if you are doing something, not doing anything or gonna do things, ‘face’ is everything.

Because i am Chinese..

There is a standard of living which we try to keep up with. To complete a full cycle of ‘acceptable’ Chinese life one has to obtain a fairly good education, career, possessions, marriage and kids. If you have none of the above, you either strive for it or gets the stare. I struggle a lot in this area. At my current stage of Chinese life, i’ve only manage to obtain an average education and career wise, it’s not ambitious enough.  I can say it’s less stressful for me as compared to my male counterpart whom has to strive even harder, climb higher to support a family and to be recognized and approved as a good husband, excellent worker, and a loving father. Being human, regardless if we are Chinese or not, we do fall short of glory and there is a limit to our perfection which we set.

Because i am Chinese…

Despite of all the expectations i live in, i still love my roots. I have the privilege to understand family values and how being courteous matters in a ‘self-obsessed’ generation.We still respect elderly people though it’s a vanishing act in today’s society. I cherish my chopstick skills (well, mine wasn’t the authentic Chinese way but i guess it’s ok as long as i know how to use it) and all those wonderful festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Lunar Festival and Winter Solstice. I truly enjoy the variety of food we consume (no, i don’t eat insects and dog meat!) and the traditions we hold on to.

Because i am Chinese..

It doesn’t automatically makes me a Buddhist or a Taoist. I was born in a Christian family and raised in a non-Chinese schools. I do understand the culture and practices of my ancestors and we have derived from it ever since Christ came to our family. There are indeed certain Chinese beliefs and fengshui which i don’t agree with. I am not being religious or preachy but i just wanna honor God by respecting His teachings and methodology of life.

Because i am Chinese..

It makes me, me…


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