The Courage of One

There are some tunnels meant to be walked alone..
There are some tunnels meant to be walked alone..

Alone…. Aloneness… Loneliness.. It’s a constant battle within us. We fought the thoughts. We strive hard to be better. We find a new passion, a new motivation, a new addiction. Somehow, it always fails us. There is always a deep longing in us to be fulfilled, loved and cared for. We continue the search. A search that leads to no real satisfaction. We thought we need a human or a thing or some technology implication to make us happy. As long as it drives us away from loneliness, we use whatever methods to achieve that motives. Ulterior motive seems harmless. We just wanna be happy? Don’t we? But why am i not happy?Exterior behavior leads us to derive a plan that works for us..and so we think. However, life is not always based on a plan. Sometimes plan B failed us too. Human can only do so much. There’s always a limit to perfection. We can’t escape it. We are caught in the loneliness in us. Courage is a strange thing. It makes us face what’s real and that hurts. Courage is not something we like unless we are forced into some kinda situation. Courage can’t be found in others. It is not a formula. Courage is different. Courage is how you face it when you’re alone. It takes courage to deal with insecurities. It takes courage to realize you don’t really need a standard to look up to.

“To all perfection i see a limit, but your commands are boundless”(NIV)

Psalms 119:96

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